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As a digital content strategist, Elly Deutch knows how to generate buzz on social media. Having worked on over 350 campaigns over the course of her career, she’s helped a diverse array of companies, celebrities, and influencers reach their target audiences.

With a sense of design and community engagement, Deutch helps each of her clients refine their brand voice for the latest digital outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

She currently works as the Digital Communications Manager for one of the largest brands in the world, McDonald’s.

If you’re looking to learn about digital marketing from one of the biggest names in the industry, get to know Elly Deutch and her unique approach to social media.

Bringing McDonald’s into the Digital Age

As the lead content strategist for one of the world’s biggest companies, Elly Deutch has her work cut out for her. Serving 69 million customers daily, the company continues to expand to new markets all over the world, with total 37,855 stores by the end of 2018.

Creating content for the company’s social media campaigns, Elly Deutch has been able to usher this timeless brand into the digital age. She’s helped the company focus on a new generation of consumers.

Her campaigns feature sharp, eye-catching imagery with solid-color backgrounds, creative visual displays, and playful animation. Every post is designed to get the viewer excited about McDonald’s products. The company has also been sharing user-generated content, which encourages customers to post images and videos of themselves at a local McDonald’s restaurant.

As McDonald’s becomes more of an international brand, she’s helped the company launch Spanish-language social media campaigns and those that appeal to a wide, culturally diverse audience.

In the age of YouTube, the company has also been producing short, 15-second videos of some of their most popular meals. Energetic and to the point, each video gets hundreds of thousands of views, driving more interest in McDonald’s products online.

With growing consumer interest in sustainably sourced food, the company has also been posting videos that give viewers more information about how its products are made.

Helping Digital Marketers Accomplish Their Goals

Outside of her corporate responsibilities, Elly Deutch is also a renowned international public speaker. She’s spoken at over 200 conferences, summits, and events over the years, touching on her experience and knowledge of digital communications and social media marketing strategy.

She knows how challenging today’s digital marketing landscape can be for aspiring professionals and small businesses and she’s here to set the record straight.

These social media platforms continue to change at lightning speed, and Deutch uses her speaking engagements to help professionals accomplish their business goals. She’s worked for all kinds of brands and content campaigns, so her knowledge applies to virtually any industry, including food, retail, sports, fashion and many others.

She’s known for her friendly, down-to-earth style that her listeners can relate to. She knows the challenges of starting a new business or campaign, and attending one of her sessions will point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking to elevate your content for social media, whether it’s “likes” on Instagram or views on YouTube, attend a social media marketing conference with Elly Deutch to hear about the latest digital marketing tips and tricks.

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