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The marketing industry is always in flux, but we have all the blogs you need to stay informed. From professional networking to social media marketing, you can learn about what’s happening in your industry from the people that know it best. Subscribe to these blogs for the latest news and advice.

Ann Handley,

Seasoned digital marketer Ann Handley is known for her whip-smart humor and insightful takes on the latest marketing news. Her blog is full of interesting stories and revelations related to all things marketing. Instead of the same old marketing tips and tricks, Handley takes a different approach. She dives deep into the psychology of marketing, incorporating themes of art, storytelling, and empathy. She believes marketers should look beyond the status quo, so they can find a unique voice that resonates with consumers. She writes about all kinds of topics that will be of interest to marketers, such as short-form vs. long-form storytelling, creating an emotional journey for the reader, and managing both personal and professional social media accounts.

Handley also uses a personable, relatable voice that differs from most marketing blogs. She’s always writing about what books she’s read, inspiring blogs and campaigns, in addition to her feelings about the state of marketing. It’s a great read for anyone that wants to learn more about marketing and writing in general.

The {grow} Blog,

Run by marketing guru Mark Schaefer, this blog sits at “the intersection of marketing, technology, and humanity.” It’s full of interesting takes on the latest marketing news, helping you incorporate the latest trends into your marketing strategy without blending in with the crowd. He encourages his readers to stand out by thinking outside the box. He wants marketers to “disrupt themselves” by challenging conventional notions of what works and what doesn’t. He understands that consumer behavior is changing in the digital age, so he’s more than ready to throw out the traditional rules of the trade.

His blog focuses on every aspect of the branding experience, including price points, corporate mentorship, fake news, and even wokeness. For Schaefer, marketing is a human experience that’s about connections, trust, and transparency. He’s becoming increasingly skeptical of algorithms, AI, and other technological trends that can alter and disrupt the human element of marketing. As a marketer, reading his blog is a great way to keep yourself in check so you don’t end up taking the same approach as everyone else.

Jeff Bullas,

Bullas has racked up plenty of accolades and honorable mentions over the course of his long career. Forbes has crowned him the world’s top social marketing talent and Entrepreneur lists him among the top 50 online marketing influencers to watch. His blog is just as acclaimed as the man himself, touching on all kinds of relevant topics for those interested in perfecting their marketing campaigns. He regularly highlights common mistakes in the field of marketing, such as publishing errors and sharing overly promotional content, deploying too many chatbots and push notifications, and not measuring brand awareness.

He also gives his readers the lowdown on the latest marketing tools, such as cloud-based backup systems, WordPress plugins, and data analytics tools. In addition, he makes the case for quality content promotion, arguing that writing and creating great content isn’t enough. Marketers also need to be able to quickly and effectively pitch their ideas to their readers so they click on the link and further engage with the brand. If you’re looking to get ahead in the world of marketing, this blog is a must-read.

Kim Garst,

Focusing on growing and scaling businesses, Kim Garst is a southern gal that tells it like it is. Her blog is full of in-depth topics that she knows inside and out, such as how to write an e-book, getting started as an author, and creating profitable Facebook groups. Garst has made a name for herself as leading social media marketer with several best-selling books under her belt. She knows how daunting starting at a blank page can be for most first-time authors and she’s here to help you through the writing process. From idea generation to speaking to your target audience and everything in between, you’ll quickly get a crash course on how to become a successful author or digital publisher.

She also pays special attention to e-commerce owners and marketers, helping them make use of the latest marketing strategies, so they can sell more products and convert their readers into paying customers. Her posts focus on just about every aspect of the online shopping experience, including web design, branding, content marketing, the digital shopping cart and how to lower abandonment rates.

She writes with an earnest, southern charm that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re tired of reading the same, boring marketing blogs, start getting your tips from Kim Garst.

Jon Loomer,

An all-around family man with a huge appetite for digital marketing and Facebook ads, Jon Loomer is a friendly, down-to-earth guy with a lot to say about the latest marketing trends. He regularly contributes to his fast-growing blog, along with several other expert writers, covering a wide range of topics, such as content budget optimization, social media advertising, and all things Facebook. He digs deeper than most marketers when it comes to optimizing ads for Facebook, such as getting the most out of your advertising budget, forming Facebook groups, and setting the right frequency for your ads.

Facebook is changing fast, and Jon Loomer is here to keep you informed every step of the way. If you use this platform for advertising, his blog is definitely worth your time.

Mari Smith,

As a notable public speaker and marketer wunderkind, Mari Smith is dishing out all kinds of useful information on her marketing blog. She keeps up with the latest changes to some of the most widely used marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so you never miss a beat. Instead of glossing over these updates, she dives into the nitty gritty details, giving you a step-by-step guide on how to utilize new features and avoid certain social media pitfalls.

She’s also a seasoned vet when it comes to public speaking, relationship marketing, and customer relations. She brings authenticity and relatability to just about everything she does, including blogging. You’ll find tips on how to engage with clients and customers, sustain lasting professional relationships, and network amongst your peers. This isn’t just a blog for brands and corporate employees, it’s for digital marketers who want to take their careers to the next level. Subscribe to learn more about her experiences and how they can help you achieve your professional goals.

Gary Vaynerchuk,

As a successful businessman, Gary Vaynerchuk is a treasure trove of information for aspiring and established marketers. He uses his experience to educate professionals in just about any industry, doling out DIY advice that can be applied in so many different situations. You won’t find the same old marketing news on his blog, but a wide assortment of content related to making money, being successful, and just his life as an entrepreneur.

Some of his posts are truly wild, posing big questions and prompting ridiculous challenges like posting 100 times a day. There’s always something to learn from this eclectic blog, but at the end of the day, you get a sneak peek at what it’s like to be a business all-star. His posts are short and to the point, so they won’t take up too much time out of your day. Follow along for all the latest hijinks.

Brian Solis,

Public speaker and author extraordinaire Brian Solis is changing the game with his insightful marketing blog. In addition to some of the most pressing news stories of the day, he’s going out of his way to cover some of the most underrated topics in the industry. He describes himself as a futurist, and his blog is no exception. Every post features a forward-thinking perspective that challenges conventional thinking. From experience-centered marketing to cryptocurrency and the future of creativity, his posts cover a wide range of topics that you won’t see on other marketing blogs. He’s always thinking one step ahead of the industry, embracing new trends and innovative ideas before they go mainstream.

He also interviews respected marketers, asking them for insider advice, and takes a deep dive into successful marketing strategies from some of the world’s biggest brands so he can figure out what worked and how to replicate their success down the road. He encourages his readers to stay light on their feet, so they don’t get too attached to a single marketing strategy. Subscribe to adopt his futuristic approach to marketing.

Linked Into Business,

Run by Viveka von Rosen, an expert when it comes to LinkedIn marketing and engagement, this blog talks about some of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers today, such dealing with an increasingly competitive digital landscape, selling products without being “skeazy,” and how to combat content marketing fatigue. She knows how it feels to be a new business owner or digital marketer and she has all the tips you need to find success in your chosen niche.

As the queen of LinkedIn, she also focuses a great deal on professional networking, personal branding for executives and aspiring professionals, and how to form lasting bonds in the workplace. It’s a great read for those looking to get ahead at work or land their next job. Read on for more in-depth marketing tips and networking information.

Jenn’s Blog,

As part of her website Jenn’s Trends, Jenn Herman is breaking down all the latest marketing news with actionable advice that’s sure to point you in the right direction. Her posts are full of step-by-step guides on how to optimize your marketing strategy. From adding alt text for SEO to making use of new social media algorithms, there’s no shortage of information. She knows how overwhelming using all these different platforms can be, so she’s here to cut through noise and tell you what you need to know.

She also calls out social media campaigns that catch her eye, rewarding them for their inventive posts and unique ideas. Reading her blog helps you quickly take stock of today’s social media landscape, so you don’t miss anything important. Sign up today to get these posts delivered right to your inbox.


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