Find Out How LinkedIn Is Changing for the Better

Big things are happening at LinkedIn. The platform just announced a slew of new changes, including updates to its algorithm, new page features, and what are known as Communities Hashtags.

LinkedIn has been making all kinds of changes to the user experience over the last few years in an effort to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, the platform recently announced it’s releasing new features every quarter, so you can expect even more changes in the months ahead.

Learn more about these new features and how they will affect your business.

Custom CTAs

If you’re looking to engage with your customers and the people who visit your LinkedIn page, you’ll be happy to know that LinkedIn now lets you use custom CTAs instead of the “Follow” button that appears at the top of the page.

In addition to asking your customers to follow your page, you can now choose from the following custom CTAs:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit website

This allows you to focus on a specific goal when converting visitors on your LinkedIn page. If you want to sell more products and services, use the “Learn more” or “Visit website” buttons to convert passive viewers into paying customers.

If you want to increase your connections on LinkedIn, use the “Contact us” button to start a conversation.

Or, if you want more people to engage with your learning materials and services, use the “Register” or “Sign up” buttons to keep them in the loop.

To measure the click-through rates of your CTAs, head over to the Visitor Analytics tab or the Page Admin section of the Dashboard. If your new CTAs aren’t working as expected, try something new.

Communities Hashtags

LinkedIn also unveiled what it’s calling Communities Hashtags, an easy way for businesses and professionals to join relevant conversations.

Each hashtag or topic essentially becomes its own feed where users can add new posts and comment on existing content as it relates to the topic at hand.

If you want to discuss a topic relevant to your business, just click on the hashtag to join the feed. You can then add new content or comment on what’s already been said. This is a great way to find and connect with people that are interested in topics related to your business.

Mobile Page Editing

LinkedIn is also making it easier to manage your account on the go. You can now edit your page or posts you’ve already published using your mobile device.

You’ll still need to use a desktop if you want to post new content, use the Communities Hashtag feature, or CTA analytics; however, mobile editing should make your life a little easier if you’re managing content on the go.

Algorithm Updates

LinkedIn is also making changes to its algorithm, so users see content that’s relevant to them as opposed to simply seeing promoted random viral content.

When you pull up your feed on LinkedIn, you’ll see content from people you follow, content that your connections have liked, commented on or shared themselves, content with hashtags you follow, content from groups you’ve joined, or events that you’ve joined.

Essentially, LinkedIn wants to encourage more user engagement by sending its users content they’re most likely to be interested in. This will make LinkedIn feel more like Facebook or Instagram, so you see content from familiar faces or relevant topics. This means everyone will have a different experience on the platform.

If you’re looking to reverse-engineer this algorithm update to get your content in front of more people, you need to focus on engagement. Your posts will appear in front of more people if users “like”, comment on, or share your posts on their pages.

Find topics that will generate a response from users. Offer an opinion on stories instead of just pasting a link. Mention users by @name to start a conversation, and respond to comments to keep the conversation going.


Stay tuned as LinkedIn unveils new features and updates in the months ahead. For more social media news, sign up for a marketing summit to hear from professionals in your industry.