Learn About Social Media Strategist Ryan Pena and His Innovative Campaigns

As a seasoned social media strategist, Ryan Pena knows how challenging running a social campaign can be. He has a reputation for implementing innovative social media strategies amid rapidly changing environments.

As these social media apps continue to change and evolve, digital marketers need to adapt accordingly.

He currently works as a Social Media Strategist for Be The Match, an online registry tool for those diagnosed with blood cancer and other blood diseases. The company helps patients find and connect with marrow donors and learn about the latest treatment options.

Pena has helped increase the reach of the company’s social media strategy on Facebook and other platforms. Be The Match now has over 500,000 likes on Facebook alone.

Pena speaks regularly about his experiences as a digital marketer with several sessions slated for October 2019. If you want to take your social media strategy to the next level, find out more about Ryan Pena and how he’s helping Be The Match reach new audiences.

Ryan Pena’s Approach to Social Media

Ryan Pena is known as an innovator and digital strategist with over 10 years of experience in his field. He’s worked with several organizations over the years, including MentorMate and Capella University. With a reputation for inspiring change, Pena is always looking for the best ways to create and sustain genuine relationships online.

Some digital marketers focus on simply blasting out as much content as possible, but Pena understands that finding success on social media is about making a difference in the lives of your target audience.

A great photo or video may get you some likes, but this relationship will only last if you form a two-way relationship with the user.

Pena talks regularly about showing the human side of your social media campaign, focusing on shared interests with your target audience, and being as open and transparent as possible.

Navigating the Modern Social Media Landscape

Apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are changing fast. These companies haven’t been around long and they’re always looking for ways to improve their features and services, particularly those for small businesses and digital marketers. After all, these companies make almost all of their money from advertising.

But keeping up with the latest features and upgrades can be a challenge. Marketers need to stay on their toes without losing sight of the big picture. They also need to use their time wisely by taking advantage of new features and the latest social media marketing tools.

But it’s not just social media that’s changing. The digital marketing landscape is changing business as usual in many different industries, particularly healthcare.

During his time at Be The Match, Pena has helped the company navigate these changing times. He’s optimized the company’s social media profiles and campaigns for peak engagement, while focusing on the company’s main objective by encouraging visitors to sign up as blood marrow donors or register as patients.

He’s helped the company create content that appeals to the emotions of its target audience. The company’s posts emphasize the connections between blood cancer patients and their marrow donors, resulting in emotionally satisfying content that appeals to a wide audience.

Pena has also shown the company the power of user generated content. Instead of manufacturing original content, the company regularly highlights photos and videos from some of its users, including blood cancer patients and donors. This gives the company’s followers a chance to learn about their users’ experiences, while staying invested in what’s happening at the company.


Ryan Pena loves talking about and sharing his experiences as a social media stringiest, while helping aspiring digital marketers achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for advice and information on how to elevate your company’s social media strategy, sign up for a social media summit to hear Ryan Pena speak in person.