Create Shorter, Unskippable Video Ads with Google’s New Bumper Machine

Short and sweet has become the name of the game when it comes to video advertising. With so many YouTube users tuning in for short videos, even 30-second ads are going the way of the dinosaur.

If someone clicks on a video on YouTube, they don’t want to watch a 30-second ad before accessing their content.

That’s why Google, the parent company of YouTube, has just launched a new Bumper Machine that automatically converts videos that are 90 seconds or less into short six-second clips, helping marketers make the most of their creative assets without overwhelming YouTube users that prefer short clips.

Learn more about this new tool and how it can help your business.

What Is Google’s New Bumper Machine?

Google’s new Bumper Machine automatically converts videos into six-second clips, otherwise known as bumper ads. YouTube launched bumper ads back in 2016. These shorter, unskippable ads play before shorter videos so users don’t have to sit through 30-second ads just to watch a video that’s only a few minutes long or less.

If you’ve been marketing your videos on YouTube, you can use this feature to create shorter ads that play before shorter videos, helping you reach more consumers on YouTube.

How Does It Work?

You can adjust the creative settings to make sure you highlight the best parts of your videos. The machine uses advanced algorithms to identify and highlight certain parts of your content, such as:

  • Your brand logo or the name of your company
  • Human faces or motion
  • High contrast and compelling imagery
  • Product features and montages

You can then review these clips before saving them to your device. Experiment with different settings and see what the Bumper Machine comes up with. You can produce compelling six-second ads without a lot of technical expertise.

How It Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

The new Bumper Machine helps you make the most of your marketing videos. You don’t have to create new ads from scratch or spend a lot of time editing your videos into shorter clips.

This new tool makes it easy to create bumper ads for YouTube. If you’re new to bumper ads, they’re a great way to grow your brand on YouTube, especially if you want to place your ads in front of shorter videos like commercials, music videos, and other short-form pieces of content.

Back in 2017 shortly after YouTube first announced bumper ads, the company reported that 70% of the 122 bumper campaigns it analyzed lead to a significant lift in brand awareness, and nine out of ten of the campaigns it analyzed led to a 30% increase in ad recall.

Bumper ads are short and get straight to the point, helping you make the right impression on YouTube users. If you use traditional 30-second ads, the user may skip past your content after just a few seconds, which means they will likely miss the most important parts of your ads.

If you want to make the most of advertising on YouTube, sign up for a digital marketing convention to learn more about this feature and how to make it work for your business.