Use These Apps to Boost Engagement on Facebook

If you’re marketing your business on Facebook, there are lots of different tools at your disposal that can help you drive engagement to your official business page.

You can insert customized content onto your page so users can interact with your business without leaving Facebook.

Go beyond traditional posting with these custom social media marketing apps.

Custom Tab Apps

Different apps such as Heyo, Tabfoundry, and ShortStack let you add custom pages to your Facebook page, allowing you to introduce different kinds of content. You can upload your video library, add a response form, or launch a sweepstakes or poll right to your official page. It’s basically like inserting a smaller version of your website onto your Facebook page.

Email Capture Form Apps

If you want more people to subscribe to your email newsletter, use apps like MailChimp’s Facebook app to add email capture forms to your Facebook page. Users can enter their email information without leaving the app, which should increase your subscriber count.

Blog or RSS Feed Apps

Want more people to read your blog? Use apps like, RSS Graffiti, or Social RSS to upload your blog posts right to Facebook. You can replicate content from your website without having to manually repost your blogs on your feed.

Integrated Social Media Apps

Posting on all your social media accounts one at a time can be time-consuming and tedious. Use apps like Woobox, TabSite, Iconosquare, and Pagemodo to automatically post content from other apps like Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn right to a custom tab on your Facebook page. You can update all your social media accounts with just a few clicks.

Scheduled Posting Apps

With scheduled posting apps, you can plan out all your Facebook posts in advance so you don’t have to worry about uploading each post one at a time. Apps like Post Planner, Buffer, and Hootsuite help you stay on top of your social media marketing to-do list. Set a time and a date for each post and these apps take care of the rest.

Podcast Apps

If you want to feature episodes from your podcast on your Facebook page, you can create a custom tab for your podcast using apps like the Libsyn Podcast app. It automatically updates the tab as you release episodes, so your followers will never miss a beat.

Ecommerce Apps

Some of the biggest ecommerce platforms on the Web have recently launched Facebook apps that will help you upload a version of your online store right to your Facebook page. Users can shop for products right on the app instead of opening a new tab, which shortens the customer’s journey. Try EasySocialShop, Ecwid, or Shopify to get started.

Live Video Apps

If you livestream video, you can use apps like 22Social or Livestream to automatically share these feeds on your Facebook page. It instantly uploads your videos from Google Hangouts and saves them to your YouTube channel, so your followers have multiple ways to connect. They can even comment and respond right on Facebook.

Review Apps

If you want to share customer reviews of your products and services, use the Review app that’s already connected to Facebook. Customer reviews will appear right in your timeline, so you can make the right impression on users that have just landed on your page. To use this app, you need to change your page to a local business and upload an address to the About section.

Customer Service Apps

Social media has transformed customer service in recent years as more consumers use these apps to message companies directly. If you want to improve these interactions, use apps like Get Satisfaction to track and monitor the success of your social media interactions. By creating a Feedback tab, users can quickly ask a question, report a problem, or share an idea. This makes it easy to get feedback from your followers and customers.

Your Facebook page can be so much more than just a series of photos and videos. Use these apps to add custom content or aspects of your website right to Facebook so your followers can access your products and services without leaving the app. You can boost engagement and set your page apart from those of your competitors.

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