Get Feedback from Your Followers with Instagram Polls

Instagram is full of exciting features you can use to create engaging content out of thin air. From buttons and emojis to stickers and pre-made gifs, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

However, you can also create Instagram polls for your stories that will live on the platform for 24 hours. By creating your own poll, you can ask questions with simple potential answers, which will help you engage your followers and collect feedback from your target audience.

Over 500 million people use Instagram stories every day, so you can easily reach thousands of people.

Learn how to add polls to your Instagram stories, so you can interact directly with your followers.

What Is an Instagram Poll?

An Instagram poll is a simple question that appears over the content in your stories. Each poll lets you add up to two responses, each one being 26 characters or less. Many users choose simple possible answers like Yes or No, Left or Right, and Up or Down. Your followers can also quickly choose between two alternatives, such as two different designs, ideas, or products.

Polls are typically designed with bright, rainbow-colored text in order to get your followers’ attention, especially if you add exciting content to the background such as videos, memes, sticker,s or still images.

How to Create an Instagram Poll

To get started, you’ll need to create a new story by swiping left on the homepage. You can either upload a photo or video from your phone or create a story from scratch by adding pre-made imagery and gifs.

When you’re ready to add a poll, click on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Then, click on the poll option.

An empty box will appear over your content with a Yes or No answer. Click the box to add an original question. To customize your answers, click each response and add your text. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

When you’re done, click the finish button at the top of the poll. It will now appear over your content. You can also move the poll to a different position on the screen or make it smaller or larger.

Now, it’s time to share your story.

After your poll is live, you can track responses on the notifications page.

Using this feature will help you collect feedback from your followers, enabling you to appeal directly to their preferences; this could include choosing a new logo for your products, comparing different products, or talking about the future of your company.

Instagram polls aren’t meant to be a replacement for A/B testing, but they can come in handy from time to time. All your questions should be engaging. Participating in your polls should be an enjoyable experience for your target audience. It shouldn’t feel like work to potential respondents, or you may start to lose followers. Be selective and creative with your polls, so you don’t make the wrong impression.

You can also take advantage of trending topics, get to know your followers on a more personal level, or simply ask for advice. Start experimenting with Instagram polls today and create a more interactive experience for your followers.

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