Use These Tips to Convert Facebook Leads into Paying Customers

Facebook has become the center of the advertising world in recent years as more marketers make use of the platform’s intuitive, highly precise marketing features. You can create custom audiences that allow you to target Facebook users based on their location, gender, age, income, race, and interests.

As you go about promoting your products and services on Facebook, you may get more “likes” and follows, but how many of these users are actually entering their credit card information on your website or e-commerce store?

If you’ve been struggling with your Facebook conversion rates, you may be overlooking certain tools that can help you reach the right users and make the right impression on your target audience. Use these tips to convert your Facebook followers into paying customers.

Retarget Passive Leads

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates is to use Facebook’s retargeting ads feature, which means sending a follow-up message to users that have interacted with your ads in the past. Maybe they visited your website, watched one of your videos, or downloaded a free e-book. This shows you that these users are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Some of these users may have forgotten to enter their payment information the first time around, or they needed a little more time before signing up for your products and services.

Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can create a custom audience of users that have visited specific Web pages. Once you’ve created this audience, you can send out a thank you message or follow-up offer to people that have engaged with your website in specific ways.

This is a great way to remind users that your company exists, giving them another chance to make a purchase.

Follow Up with a Clear Offer or Buy-In

Once folks have interacted with your ads or website, you can sweeten the deal with a clear, precise follow-up offer, such as a discount on your products and services, a free subscription, and other giveaways.

While a generous offer may be too good to ignore, focus on improving the messaging of your landing pages and follow-up ads. Incorporate the user’s specific needs in your messaging and give them clear incentives for making a purchase.

These messages don’t have to exist on Facebook. Spread these messages out across all your marketing channels, so users have multiple opportunities to take advantage of this offer.

Boost Engagement with a Video

If users are just getting to know your company, you need to ease them into the buying process by giving them more information about your company and the people behind it.

Try including a short video on your landing page or Facebook ads to increase transparency. Users will be able to see your products and services on-screen, as opposed to just an image, and hear directly from people who work from the company.

Answer users’ questions and concerns, including common sticking points; utilize your credentials, such as positive customer reviews; and make sure users have all the information they need to take the next step.

Without this information, some Facebook users may be hesitant to give their money to a company they’ve never heard of until now.

Track Conversion Rates on Your Landing Page

As you introduce new elements to your landing page, monitor your conversion rates to track the success of these initiatives. If your existing messages, offers, and videos aren’t working as well as expected, try heading in the opposite direction.

You can always swap out the text, re-edit your marketing videos, or introduce new offers without completely redesigning your landing pages.

Use Google Analytics and other Web monitoring tools to analyze the data, so you’re making informed decisions every step of the way.

Collect Feedback from Your Leads

You can also collect feedback from the people who matter most: your leads. Ask questions throughout the customer’s journey to find out why some people stop short of purchasing your products and services. Maybe they’re too expensive, your leads don’t see your products and services as relevant, or they clicked on your ads by mistake.

When collecting feedback, it’s best to use a multiple-choice questionnaire, so your leads can quickly select the option that applies to them. Use this feedback to refine your Facebook ads and landing pages so you can increase your conversion rates.

Marketing on Facebook isn’t always a slam dunk. This platform is just a tool, and you need to hold up your end of the bargain if you want to find success with your marketing efforts. Use effective messaging, retarget the same users, and improve the transparency of your ads. Over time, your conversion rates will increase as more users take a chance on your products and services.

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