Establishing Your Company as a Thought Leader on Quora

Since it launched 10 years ago, Quora has emerged as the premier Q&A platform on the Web, connecting its users to qualified experts that can answer their questions in a timely manner. Unlike Google’s massive indexed library of content, users can send their questions directly to Quora, where they can expect a response in just 24 hours.

Quora currently has over 300 million monthly users with 40% of those users living in the U.S. The site also features content on over 400,000 different topics, including both B2C and B2B topics, making it a great place to grow your business and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Learn more about marketing on Quora and why this platform may be the right choice for your business.

How Quora Works

Quora is a library of information. Users come to the platform to get answers to their questions. Posts are mostly made up of text, but the platform does allow small photos and thumbnails. Users post their questions publicly and the website connects them with qualified experts that can answer them. Users and other experts can then upvote their answers, much like Reddit, so the best answers appear at the top. The platform also allows for sponsored answers, where companies can highlight their responses to user questions to drive more traffic to their websites.

Unlike Google Answers and other social platforms, Quora understands that knowledge is subjective.

There may be multiple answers to the same question, all of which may be correct. Most of the questions tend to be more subjective and based on user opinion, such as “What’s the best marketing platform for small businesses?” As you can see, there can easily be multiple answers to this question. One expert may suggest Facebook, while another expert may suggest investing in content marketing.

Questions can also be extremely personal as users look for advice on the platform. You may see questions such as, “My boss threatened to fire me, but I’m the best person for the job. What should I do?” Topics can range from entertainment to DIY tasks to finance and even travel, so you’re bound to find topics that relate to your business.

Choosing what kinds of questions to answer all depends on your business and what kind of message you want to send to your target audience.

Users can simply log onto the website or mobile app to look at their feeds. They can also sign up for the Quora newsletter to receive relevant content.

Why Advertise on Quora

Quora is different from other marketing platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Everyone on the platform is looking for information. It’s just that simple. They’re not sharing content with friends and family, instant messaging, or watching videos.

Businesses and individuals also have to earn their credentials by offering sound answers to real user questions. So, if you have a lot of knowledge and experience in your field, this is a great place to show it off. That’s why many C-suite executives, academics, and other notable professionals have started using the platform in greater numbers.

Marketing on Quora is also more affordable than marketing on apps like Facebook, where each sponsored post can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you provide quality answers, you can market your business on Quora for free. If you want to feature your answers as sponsored content, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can target certain users for less than it would cost on other platforms.

Becoming an Expert or Thought Leader

To get started on Quora, you’ll need to set up a profile. You can add a profile photo and your credentials, such as your job title, former titles, how long you worked in this role, and any awards you may have won.

Now, it’s time to start answering user questions. Find topics and questions related to your business and offer sound, practical answers to these questions. The better your answers, the more attention you will receive. Once you have 20 to 30 responses under your belt, Quora may mark you as an expert. This means the website will start sending you relevant questions automatically. To further boost your profile, you can also upvote other people’s answers.

Here are some tips and tricks for answering questions:

  • Limit your answers to 100 to 200 words.
  • Break up large chunks of text to make your answers more reader friendly.
  • Include a link to your website or videos on other platforms with CTAs like “For more information on this topic, click here.”
  • Be precise with your language and focus on answering the person’s questions instead of promoting your products or services.
  • Use quotes when copying and pasting language from your website, or Quora may flag you as spam or your answers as duplicate content.
  • Check the app often and respond as quickly as possible to make sure your answers appear at the top of the post.

Promoting Answers

You can also promote your answers on the platform. If you answer a question well, you can pay a fee to sponsor the post. This means the question and your answer will appear naturally in the Quora feed. You can target certain keywords in questions to make sure your post appears in front of the right users. If other people answered this question, the sponsored post will only include your answer. The post will include the word “Sponsored” for more transparency.

Sponsoring answers is a quick and easy way to drive more traffic to your profile or website. Make sure your sponsored posts include a link to your website or videos.

Much like Facebook, Quora also lets you target certain users based on their interests, what kinds of topics and posts they tend to read, and whether they’ve interacted with your profile in the past.

In Conclusion

Quora is a great place to market your business. You can use your expertise to educate users and bring more traffic to your website. The platform is easy to use and more affordable than other marketing platforms. When answering questions, remember that Quora is about information. It’s not overly promotional in nature, so make sure you’re always offering sound advice to users.

Keep these tips in mind when marketing on Quora. If you use the app consistently, you’ll be an expert in your industry before you know it. Consider signing up for a social media summit to learn more about marketing on Quora.